Durham (St. Cuthbert)

Oak panel with silverwork; the portable altar of St. Cuthbert
Photo: Durham Cathedral Twitter, July 24, 2017
Image copyright: Durham Cathedral, Durham, England

Made: 7th-8th century, England, artist and patron unknown

Current Location: Durham Cathedral Treasury (DURCL 3.14.1), Durham, England

Dimensions and Materials: 12.8 x 12.2cm; oak, silver

Iconography: St. Peter seated; knot work; five crosses

Inscriptions: IN HONOR[EM] S PETRV[S]; S…P.R.O.S…A…S; [OMN]IA EC ERA[NT]

Bibliography: Budde 1998; Coatsworth 1989; De Fleury 1887; Lasko 1994; Okasha and O’Reilly 1984; Webster and Backhouse 1991 (Nr. 99)

Website: http://collections.durhamcathedral.co.uk/Details/collect/2862

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