My teaching focuses on cultivating empathy and critical thinking skills. I ask students to contextualize primary sources, pushing them to analyze the reasons, beliefs, and motivations of medieval individuals. Although I emphasize textual sources, I also integrate objects and artwork into the classroom to demonstrate the importance of visual and material culture. Through this methodology, I partner with librarians, museum staff, and art historians to expand the framework of the history classroom through museum and special collection visits.

Additionally, I am committed to de-centering the traditional canon of European history in order to do justice to the past and challenge current racist, homophobic, and sexist views of the Middle Ages. I ask students to compare historical reality with the fantasized, white supremacist ideology.

Below are my syllabi for HIST 1011: Europe to 1600, taught at the University of Colorado at Boulder in fall 2019 and spring 2020, and syllabi for courses I hope to teach in the future.

Taught Syllabi

Prepared Syllabi

No Man’s Land: The Crusades, 1095-1291

Saints and Relics in the Middle Ages (coming soon)

The Medieval World (coming soon)