On this page are my current and future publications, from guest blog posts to essays in edited academic volumes.

Contributions/Public Engagement

  • Book Review: Cynthia Hahn, Passion Relics and the Medieval Imagination: Art, Architecture, and Society (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2020) for Comitatus (2020), 278-279.

Essays in Edited Volumes

  • “Trade and Exchange.” In A Cultural History of Craft in the Medieval Age (500-1400), edited by Heidi Gearhart. Bloomsbury Academic Press. Forthcoming.

Articles in Progress

  • “Towards an Object Typology of Medieval Portable Altars” (draft stage)
  • “Celebrating the Mass Outdoors in the Middle Ages” (draft stage)

Future Book Project(s)

Portable Altars and Mobile Devotion in Medieval Christianity – A survey of medieval European portable altars, created and used between c.600 and 1400 CE, and their function in medieval Christian ritual and space. This will be the first monograph-length publication in English dedicated to medieval portable altars.