Medieval Portable Altar Database

Welcome to the database! Here you will find information on known surviving medieval European portable altars. Click on an altar’s name to go to its information page, which contains specifics about iconography, inscriptions, and a bibliography for each altar.

The altars are arranged chronologically, so if you’re looking for a specific inscription or place made, you may want to search the page instead of scroll. All countries (both “where made” and “current location”) are based on modern geographic boundaries for the sake of consistency.

Additions are ongoing. Last updated: October 29, 2021.

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namedate & Where MadePatron or ArtistCurrent Location
Durham (Cuthbert)7th-8th cent., EnglandUnknownDurham Cathedral, Durham, England (DURCL 3.14.1)
Freiburg I (Adelhauser)Late 8th cent., Regensburg?, GermanyUnknownAugustinermuseum, Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany (Nr. 12133)
Met Museum9th-12th cent.; unknownUnknownMetropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA (17.190.42a-d)
Munich I (Gold Ciborium)877-99; probably court workshop of Charles the Bald, GermanyKing Arnulf of Carinthia, given to St. Emmeram, RegensburgResidenzmuseum, Munich, Germany
Girona10th cent.; Sant Pere de Rodes, Catalonia, SpainDonated by Josue and ElimburgaMuseu d’Art de Girona, Girona, Spain (Nr. 20)
Madrid10th/11th cent., 12th cent. (textiles); near San Millán de la Cogolla, SpainUnknownMuseo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid, Spain (63936)
Salzburg I11th cent., possibly Salzburg, AustriaUnknownHeimatmuseum Seekirchen am Wallersee, Salzburg, Austria
Oldenburg1000-50; Westphalia or Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownLandesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Oldenburg, Germany (Nr. 3575)
Paris – Cluny Ic.1000-50; Bamberg or Fulda, GermanyUnknownMusée de Cluny, Paris, France (Cl. 13072)
Hildesheim Ic.1007-15; Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownDommuseum, Hildesheim, Germany (DS26)
Munich II (Holy Cross)c.1015/1020; GermanyCommissioned by HRE Henry IIResidenzmuseum, Munich, Germany
Munich III (Watterbach)c.1020; Bamberg or Fulda, GermanyProbably commissioned by HRE Henry IIBayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich, Germany (MA 198)
Paris – Cluny II (Judith of Flanders)c.1025-75; Winchester, EnglandProbably commissioned by Judith of FlandersMusée de Cluny, Paris, France (Cl. 11459)
Cleveland I (Gertrude)c.1038-45; Lower Saxony, GermanyCommissioned by Countess Gertrude of BrunswickCleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA (Nr. 1931.462)
Melk (Svanhild)c.1050-75; Rhineland, possibly Cologne, GermanyOwned by Countess SvanhildStiftskirche, Melk, Austria
Dumbarton Oaks1050-75; possibly Cologne, GermanyUnknownDumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C., USA (BZ 1937.16)
Darmstadt I1050-75; Rhineland, possibly Cologne, GermanyUnknownHessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany (Kg 54:221)
Osnabrück I1050-75 (reliefs), 1220-25 altar; Osnabrück, GermanyUnknownDomschatz und Diözesanmuseum, Osnabrück, Germany (DS73)
Berlin W2c.1075; Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W2)
Darmstadt II1075-1100 (reliefs), 13th cent. (metal); Rhineland, possibly Cologne, GermanyUnknownHessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany (Kg 54:223)
Paris – Cluny IIIEarly 11th cent. (ivory), 11th-12th cent. (rest of altar); possibly Bamberg (ivory), Rhineland (altar), GermanyUnknownMusée de Cluny, Paris, France (Cl. 13067)
Bad Gandersheim11th cent.; probably Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownFrauenstift Gandersheim, Bad Gandersheim, Germany (Nr. 57)
Tongres11th cent.; BelgiumUnknownMuseum der Basilika Notre Dame, Tongers, Belgium
Reykjavik11th cent.; UnknownUnknownIsländisches Nationalmuseum, Reykjavik, Iceland (Nr. 10897)
Wassenberg11th cent.; possibly Cologne, GermanyStone allegedly owned by St. Willibrord; rest UnknownProbsteipfarrkirche St. Georg, Wassenberg, Germany
Trier I (Willibrord)11th cent. (ivory panels, box), 12th cent. (top reliefs); Byzantium (Turkey) or GermanyGreen porphyry stone owned by St. Willibrord (688-738)Domschatz, Trier, Germany
Schnütgen I10th cent. (ground reliefs), 11th cent. (altar); Westphalia or Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownSchnütgen Museum, Cologne, Germany (G13)
Brunswick I11th. cent.; Brunswick, GermanyUnknownStädtisches Museum, Brunswick, Germany (B79)
EichstättEnd of 10th cent. (ivory panels), middle of 11th cent. (altar); Byzantium (Turkey) and Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownBenediktinerinnenabtei St. Walburg, Eichstätt, Germany
Hanover11th cent., 13th cent. (reliefs); Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownKestner-Museum, Hanover, Germany (B124)
Paris – Louvre IEnd of 11th cent.; near Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownLouvre Museum, Paris, France (OA 8094)
Conques I (Saint Faith)c.1087-1106; probably Conques, FranceUnknownTreasury of Ste. Foy, Conques, France
Berlin W8 (Adelvoldus)By 1100; Brunswick or Hildesheim, GermanyGiven by Adelvoldus to the Church of St. Blaise in BrunswickKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W8)
Walters11th-12th cent.; Reichenau or Paderborn, GermanyUnknownWalters Art Museum, Baltimore, USA (Nr. 53-77)
Münster I11th-12th cent. (reliefs), 1250-1300 (beadwork), 16th cent. (altar); near Münster, GermanyUnknownDomkammer der Kathedralkirche St. Paulus, Münster, Germany (U.I/1)
Trier IILate 11th cent., middle 12th cent.; possibly Trier, GermanyUnknownDomschatz, Trier, Germany (Nr. 10)
Copenhagen I11th-13th cent., DenmarkUnknownNationalmuseum, Copenhagen, Denmark (D.5309)
Copenhagen II11th-13th cent., DenmarkUnknownNationalmuseum, Copenhagen, Denmark (D.12970)
Copenhagen III11th-13th cent., DenmarkUnknownNationalmuseum, Copenhagen, Denmark (D.17)
Paderborn I (Abdinghof)1100-07; Paderborn or Helmarshausen, GermanyAttributed to Roger of HelmarshausenDiözesanmuseum and Domschatzkammer, Paderborn, Germany (PR50)
Ourensec.1105; SpainCommissioned by Abbot Pierre for Cellanova AbbeyMuseo Catedralicio de Ourense, Galicia, Spain
Conques II (Bégon)1100; Conques, FranceMade by Pons (Bishop of Barbastre) under Abbot Bégon IIITreasury of Ste. Foy, Conques, France
Paderborn II (Heinrich von Werl)c.1100-20; Paderborn or Helmarshausen, GermanyMade by Roger of Helmarshausen for Bishop Heinrich von Werl of PaderbornDiözesanmuseum and Domschatzkammer, Paderborn, Germany (DS2)
Nuremberg1111-44 (altar), 16th cent. (frame); Catanzaro, ItalyOwned/donated by Count Geoffrey of CatanzaroGermanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg, Germany (KG796)
British Museum I1126-50; SpainUnknownBritish Museum, London, England (PE 1978,0502.4)
Berlin W11 (Eilbertus)c.1130-40; Cologne, GermanyMade by Eilbertus of CologneKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W11)
British Museum IIc.1140-50; EnglandUnknownBritish Museum, London, England (1963,1107.1-4)
León (Sancha of León-Castilla)c.1144; León, Spain and the LevantOwned by Sancha of León-CastillaMuseo de la Real Colegiata de San Isidoro, León, Spain (IIC-3-089-002-0008)
Brussels (Stavelot)c.1150-60; Meuse Valley, BelgiumUnknownMusée royaux d’art et d’histoire, Brussels, Belgium (Nr. 1590)
Bamberg I (Paradise)1150-75; Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownDiözesanmuseum, Bamberg, Germany (Nr. 2722/18)
Münster II1150-75; near Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownWestfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Münster, Germany
St. Petersburgc.1150-75; Cologne (ivory), Rhineland (altar), GermanyUnknownErmitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (Nr. 168)
Osnabrück II1150-1200 and 1220-25; near Osnabrück, GermanyUnknownDomschatz und Diözesanmuseum, Osnabrück, Germany (Nr. 72)
Zurich1150-1200 (enamels), 20th century (altar); Cologne, GermanyUnknownSchweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zurich, Switzerland (LM 29408)
Darmstadt III1150-1200; Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownHessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany (Kg 54:258)
Feltre1150-1200; Northern ItalyUnknownMuseo Diocesano Belluno-Feltre, Feltre, Italy
Darmstadt IV1150-1200 (ivory), 18th cent. (additions); Cologne, GermanyDonated by WolberoHessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany (Kg 54:321)
Modenac.1150-1200; possibly Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownMusei del Duomo, Modena, Italy
Berlin W12c.1155; Cologne or Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W12)
Brunswick IIc.1160; Brunswick or Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownStädtisches Museum, Braunschweig, Germany (B24)
Siegburg I (St. Gregorius)c.1160; Cologne, GermanyUnknownSankt Servatius Schatzkammer, Siegburg, Germany
Siegburg II (St. Mauritius)c.1160; Cologne, GermanyUnknownSankt Servatius Schatzkammer, Siegburg, Germany
Mönchengladbachc.1160; probably Cologne, GermanyUnknownMünsterkirche St. Vitus, Mönchengladbach, Germany
Victoria & Albert Ic.1140-60; probably Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownVictoria and Albert Museum, London, England (10-1873)
Naples1160-70; Northern Rhineland, GermanyUnknownMuseo Duca di Martina, Naples, Italy (Nr. 93)?
Paris – Louvre II1160-70 (metal), 1865-87 (altar); Hildesheim and Aachen, GermanyUnknownLouvre Museum, Paris, France (OA 8095)
Berlin W14c.1162; Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W14)
Fritzlarc.1170; near Fulda or Fritzlar, GermanyUnknownDomschatz und Museum des St. Petri-Domes, Fritzlar, Germany
Berlin K4183c.1170-80; Cologne, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany K4183
Schnütgen IIc.1170-80; Cologne, GermanyUnknownMuseum Schnütgen, Cologne, Germany
Augsburg I (Oettingen)1170-80 and 1371; Rhineland, Cologne or Oettingen, GermanyUnknownDiözesanmuseum St. Afra, Augsburg, Germany (DM IV/1)
Xantenc.1175-80 and 1724; probably Cologne, GermanyUnknownStiftsmuseum, Xanten, Germany (Lx17)
Hildesheim II1175-1200; Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownDommuseum, Hildesheim, Germany (DS24)
Hildesheim III1175-1200; Hildesheim, GermanyUnknownDommuseum, Hildesheim, Germany (DS25)
Agrigento1175-1200; Sicily or the Kingdom of Jerusalem?UnknownMedia Museo Diocesano, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Bamberg IIc.1180; Cologne, GermanyUnknownDiözesanmuseum, Bamberg, Germany (2272/19)
Regensburg1189; Regensburg, GermanyUnknownStadtpfarrkirchenstiftung St. Emmeram, Regensburg, Germany (1982/11)
British Museum III (Thidericus)1190-1200; Hildesheim, GermanyDonated by Abbot Thidericus of St. Godehard, HildesheimBritish Museum, London, England (PE 1902,0625.1)
Berlin W28Probably 12th cent.; Lower Saxony?, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W28)
Berlin W27Probably 12th cent.; the Levant?UnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W27)
Berlin W9Early 12th cent.; Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W9)
Maastricht12th cent.; probably Maastricht, the NetherlandsUnknownChurch of Saint-Servatius Schatzkammer, Maastricht, the Netherlands (Nr. 5.4.3)
Namur I12th cent.; Namur or Liège, BelgiumUnknownMusée diocésain et Trésor de la Cathédrale Saint-Aubain, Namur, Belgium (Nr. 11)
Freiburg II12th cent.; Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownAugustinermuseum, Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany (K 9/M)
AndriaEnd of 12th cent.; Southern ItalyUnknownMuseo Diocesano di Andria, Andria, Italy
Berlin W5Late 12th/early 13th cent.; Italy or Byzantium (Turkey)UnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W5)
Freiburg IIILate 12th/early 13th cent.; possibly Aachen, GermanyUnknownAugustinermuseum, Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany (K 10/M)
Salzburg II12th/13th cent.; Salzburg?, AustriaUnknownSalzburg Dommuseum, Salzburg, Austria
Quedlinburgc.1200; Sicily?, ItalyUnknownSchatzkammer der Stiftskirche St. Servatius, Quedlinburg, Germany (Nr. 44)
Berlin W4c.1200; Lower Saxony, GermanyUnknownKunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, Germany (W4)
Willebadessenc.1200-1207; probably GermanyUnknownPfarrkirche St. Vitus, Willebadessen, Germany
Cleveland IIc.1200-20; Cologne, GermanyUnknownCleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA (Nr. 1927.29)
Klagenfurt I (Gurker)1200-50; Salzburg, AustriaUnknownSchatzkammer, Gurk, Klagenfurt, Austria
Munich IV1200-50; possibly Regensburg, GermanyUnknownSchatzkammer der Residenz, Munich, Germany (Nr. 12)
Merseburg1200-50; Saxony?, GermanyUnknownDommuseum, Merseburg, Germany (B Nr. 62)
Trento1207-18; probably Trento, ItalyUnknownMuseo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento, Italy (Nr. 32)
Namur II (Jacques de Vitry)c.1216-30; possibly Acre, the LevantOwned by Jacques de VitryMusée des Arts Anciens du Namurois, Namur, Belgium (TO25)
Narbonne I1273; Southern FranceMade by Qui de Pileo; probably for Pierre de MontbrunCathedrale de Saint Just et Saint Pasteur, Narbonne, France
Lyon I13th cent.; Byzantium (Turkey)UnknownCathedrale de Saint-Jean Baptiste, Lyon, France
Narbonne II15th century; Southern FranceUnknownCathedrale de Saint Just, Narbonne, France

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